IT Services Alerts - RESOLVED: Issue with Labview via MyTrinityApps, May 11th, 14:17

Resolved: Friday 16th June 12:00

This issue has been resolved, Labview is now working fully within the MyTrinityApps application.


First posted: Thursday 11th May 14:17

We have identified an issue for users of Labview via MyTrinityApps.

This issue occurs if you have launched Labview via MyTrinityApps and continue to launch a subsequent application.

Users launching a second application will get a notification that the app will not launch due to validation error

To resolve this issue, open Cloudpaging player, and click on Labview and click on Remove

This will remove Labview and MyTrinityApps will validate correctly.


We are working with the providers Software2 and will post updates to this issue here.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

IT Services