IT Services Alerts - IT Security Advisory Notice for Trinity Students and their IT Password, April 20th


We have recently received a Security notification directly from Google in relation to MyZone email accounts.   Google have notified that a small number of Trinity MyZone usernames were found on a publicly posted list of compromised credentials. The most common causes of password theft are viruses, responding to phishing emails, or the use of the same password on many different websites, of which one or more have been compromised by a hacker.

There is no evidence to suggest the credentials that were publicly posted are valid or have been used but over the coming weeks as the notifications arrive with us we will be in touch individually with each user who may possibly have been affected. 

In the meantime we would like to take this opportunity to remind all students it is good idea to regularly reset your Trinity IT Account password.  Always ensure you choose a unique password and not one you have used on other websites.  The following link will take you to our Password management for Trinity students -


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