IT Services Alerts - Resolved: Ongoing power issue at Westland Row, March 1st

Updated: Tuesday, 7th March 14:39 pm.

Resolved, Estates & Facilitie have confirmed there are no further planned outages for this area.

Updated: Friday 3rd March, 16:08 pm

Estates and Facilities have confirmed power is not 'At Risk', however there will be a planned power outage Saturday 4th March,taking place in Houses 21-30 Westland Row between 8am and 3pm and Houses 11-20 between 12pm and 2pm.

Updated: Friday 3rd March, 14:11 pm

Estates and Facilities have advised that electrical power to all of the Houses on Westland Row remains at risk until after the weekend.

First Posted: Wednesday 1st March, 14:37 pm.

Estates and Facilities have advised of an on-going power issue at Westland Row. Both wired data and Wi-Fi connectivity affected in House 20 – 33. 

IT Services