IT Services Alerts - Changes affecting student MyZone email service

Update: Wednesday, 15th September, 5.30pm

Further to the below, upon logging out of MyZone users are now brought to a MyZone login screen once more and so when logging back in should only enter the normal username, and not

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Update: Tuesday, 14th September, 12.30pm

It has been brought to our attention that upon logging out of the MyZone service users are presented with the global Gmail login screen, and so in order to login once more from this screen it is necessary to specify the username in the form, and then enter the normal MyZone password.

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Update: Thursday, 1st September, 10am

A workaround for those who would like to sign into MyZone and a personal Google account at the same time is available.  Details on using this 'Multiple sign-in' feature are available on the MyZone FAQ web page.

IS Services would like to thank the student who brought this to our attention.

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First Posted: Tuesday, 30th August 2011, 1pm

The providers of the student MyZone email service, Google, have made some changes to the service infrastructure.  These changes more closely align the Google Apps for Education service with other Google services.  The main impacts of the changes are as follows:

  1. It is no longer possible to be logged in to your TCD MyZone account and to another personal Google account at the same time, unless you use separate web browsers.  This means you cannot be logged into MyZone at the same time as other Google services such as GMail, Google Docs, Blogger and Picasa.  If you use such services then you are advised to logout when finished.
  2. If you have ever used your full '' email address as a username when signing up for any Google services then you may be prompted to change the username for those accounts.  For example, if you signed up for Picasa or Blogger with the username in the form then when you next try to access that account you will have to change the username.

Further information is available via Google's help web pages

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