IT Services Alerts - UPDATED: College-wide power outage @ 11am, September 25th

UPDATED: 26/09/2016 9:55am

Power has been restored this morning to Genetics (Westland row) and Physics (Fitzgerald Building). IT Services continue to address a number of on-going issues. Further updates will be posted here as soon as they are made available.

First Posted 25/09/2016

There was a College wide power failure earlier today at 11am.  The failure was brief but has affected IT equipment located across College.  Central IT systems located in the data centres in College have remained unaffected by the power failure.  However some areas may be experiencing issues with accessing the College Network from both wired desktop connections and connecting to the WiFi network service.  We have ensured, throughout today, that all network links to the Internet and to our remote sites are up and running. We will be following up issues for individual users from early Monday morning where locally installed network equipment may have failed due to the power failure.