IT Services Alerts - Resolved: Delay in setup of staff on central print/copy/scan service (Datapac), December 9th

Updated: Wednesday, 9th December 2015, 2pm

The issue causing the delay outlined below has been resolved and staff can expect to receive an email from Datapac with their PIN code for the central print/copy/scan service from this afternoon.  See our news item for more information about the service.

First Posted: Wednesday, 9th December 2015, 9.30am

Unfortunately there has been an unexpected delay in setting up staff to be able to use the central print/copy/scan service with their staff ID number (rather than needing to use a Guest account).  Further updates will be posted here as the situation develops.  Staff who do need to use the service can continue to use a Guest account as before.  We would like to apologise for any inconvenience caused.