IT Services Alerts - Phishing email with subject 'IT Help Desk', November 5th

First Posted: Thursday, 5th November 2015, 12.11pm

IT Services has received reports of a phishing message in circulation, as shown below.  Please ignore this email should you receive it as it is fraudulent and is a 'phishing' attempt.  The email should be deleted.  If you have replied to this email or clicked on the link contained in the email body please report to the IT Service Desk at the earliest opportunity. An overview of the email content is provided below.  If you would like to know more about phishing attempts please see our overview of phishing.

IT Services


------------START OF PHISHING EMAIL--------------

Aird: Webmail T-Úsáideoir,

Do Ríomhphoist a stóráil shroich sé cuóta teorainn in ár mbonn sonraí, a
sheachaint a bheith bloc a cliceáil ar an nasc thíos agus reloging a
Ath-nua do Gréasáin-phost Teorainn a Stóráil.

Cliceáil a bhailíochtú:

Tacaíocht Theicniúil
Cóipcheart @ 2015 Gach ceart ar cosaint. 

------------END OF PHISHING EMAIL-----------------