IT Services Alerts - Selected central College IT services unavailable, November 2nd, 1.45pm-9.30pm

First Posted: Monday, 3rd November 2014, 10.50am

Due to a technical issue selected central College IT services were unavailable, or partially available, between 1.45pm and 9.30pm on Sunday, 2nd November.  Some of the services identifed as having been affected are listed below.  If you are still experiencing issues with any central College IT services please contact the IS Services Helpdesk. Work is underway to identify the root cause of the issue and to prevent recurrance and we would like to apologise for any inconvenience caused.  This web page will be kept up-to-date if more information becomes available.

  • Web database content on College websites
  • Registrations on TCDconnect service from selected areas
  • Get & Put folders