IT Services Alerts - Updated: Membership of Student Email Lists

Updated: Friday, 19th September 2014, 3.10pm

Over the past three days there was a small number of reports of issues with some student email lists following the update advertised below.  A number of email lists had not been correctly updated and so were still reflecting student data from 1st July 2014.  This issue has now been resolved and so all student email lists should now be reflecting the current status of all students.

First Posted: Tuesday, 16th September 2014, 4.45pm

As agreed with the Academic Registry, the Student Email Lists will be updated for Academic Year 2014-2015 on the morning of Wednesday, 17th September 2014. These lists include:

Course mailing lists
Postgraduate Discipline mailing lists
Module mailing lists
Subject mailing lists
Route mailing lists
Tutor mailing lists

The email lists will be updated between 6.45am and 10.30am on Wednesday, 17th September. As of 10.30am on 17th September the membership of these mailing lists will have been updated to include all currently-registered students for Academic Year 2014-2015, as well as those students who are ‘eligible to register’ (such students will be ‘eligible to register’ until the end of October). These lists will also include final-year students from 2013/20 14 who have permission to repeat exams or who received Dean's grace to complete their thesis.

Further information on these students mailing lists is available at