IT Services Alerts - Application Jukebox Testing

Important Notice

IS Services are presently testing a different method of delivering certain software to PCs in the College computer rooms.  We are testing a product called Application Jukebox which delivers software from a cloud-based environment.

We are testing this product on half of the PCs in this computer room presently, including this PC.

Provided further down this page is a list of applications are delivered through Application Jukebox, and this list will increase over time.  All other applications on this PC are installed locally, as normal.

Providing Feedback

If you use any of the applications listed below then we would welcome your feedback.  Please test them and let us know how you get on.  Any feedback received on this matter would ensure a better delivery of this service over time.  To provide feedback, please email  with the subject line ‘Application Jukebox testing’.

  1. Datadesk
  2. Gimp 2.6
  3. Hot Potatoes
  4. Imagej
  5. Mathematica
  6. Mathlab2012a
  7. Media Player Classic
  8. Miktex
  9. Minitab 16
  10. Musescore
  12. Picasa
  13. Raswin
  14. Simbio Virtual labs
  15. SPSS 21
  16. Spss Amos 21
  17. Spss Data collection
  18. SQLYog
  19. SSH Secure Shell
  20. Swi-Prolog
  21. Trasan

IS Services, March 2014