IT Services Alerts - Schedule of site visits related to the Mobility Project

Updated: Monday, 7th April 2014

As part of the Mobility Project, which will deliver major improvements to College Wi-Fi services, work is underway with the approved design supplier to survey all areas on campus.  This survey work is required in order to map current Wi-Fi coverage and establish future Wi-Fi infrastructure requirements.  Staff from IS Services and Khipu, who are carrying out the survey work, will require access to specific buildings on dates agreed in advance with local representatives.

There will be no impact on Wi-Fi services as a result of this work.  We appreciate any assistance given to help with this activity and apologise for any disruption caused. 

Below is the most current list of agreed dates, listed by location.  This web page will be updated frequently as and when new dates are agreed.

Schedule of Wi-Fi Surveys

The initial batch of site visits is now complete.