IT Services Alerts - Resolved: Slow internet access to external sites, February 7th

Updated: Friday, 7th February 2013, 2.25pm

Our internet service provider, HEAnet, have taken action as described below to resolve the internet connection issues experienced earlier today.  We are now operating on our resilient link and so services should be working as normal.  Further action will be required at a later point to return us to the primary internet link, but this should not have any impact on services.

Updated: Friday, 7th February 2013, 1.15pm

We have been notified by our internet service provider, HEAnet, that there is a larger issue with the national network backbone.  The College internet connection will be reconfigured to use an alternative connection to resolve the issue.  This will take place at 2pm today and may result in a momentary loss of internet connectivity for internet users within College. 

Updated: Friday, 7th February 2013, 12.40pm

There are still intermittent external internet access issues, as described below, and we are continuing to investigate the source of the problem.  Updates will be posted here.  We would like to apologise for any inconvenience caused.

IS Services

First Posted: Friday, 7th February 2014, 11.45am

We have received reports of slow internet access to external sites, particularly Google related sites (,, or UK websites ( We're currently investigating the issue and hope to have it resolved as soon as possible.  Please check here for updates. 

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