IT Services Alerts - Issues with Guest account creation & top-up on print/scan/copy Kiosks

Updated: Tuesday, 18th February, 12.45pm

There is no change in the status of this issue and Datapac are continuing to work on a resolution.  We would like to apologise for the inconvenience caused.

Updated: Tuesday, 4th Febrauary 2014, 4.45pm

The Datapac Kiosks in St. James's, Tallaght, BLU Orientation Space & Hamilton Library are operating as normal.  Other Kiosks are still unable to create or top-up Guest print accounts and work is continuing to restore these services on all Kiosks.  In the interim it is worth noting that Guest print accounts can be topped-up online at

First Posted: Thursday, 30th January 2014, 4pm

The suppliers of the print/scan/copy service in the College computer rooms and Libraries, Datapac, have made us aware of an issue with the creation and top-up of Guest accounts on the Datapac Kiosks.  Two Kiosks are operating as normal, in the Orientation Space in the Berkeley Library, and in St. James's.  Work is underway to resolve the issue on the remaining Kiosks.  If further assistance is required please contact the Datapac technicians.  We would like to apologise for the inconvenience caused.

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