IT Services Alerts - Resolved: TCDconnect - partial service outage, January 13th

Update: 6.15pm

Low level networking issue in the College Data Centres has been resolved and TCDconnect WiFi Service has been fully restored to service.

Update: 6pm

Further investigations into the TCDconnect Wifi Service problem earlier today have indicated that there is a low level networking issue in the College Data Centres.  This may still be causing intermittant problems for some individual users trying to connect to  the TCDconnect WiFi Service.  At present over 3000 students are connected and using the service.

Investigations by IS Services, with assistance from our external network support vendor, will continue.

Update: 4.30pm

The TCDconnect Service is now restored to full operation and you should be able to successfully login and access the service from all areas at the front of College.  We prioritised returning the service to operation in the first instance.  We will now continue work to find out why the problem occurred.

First Posted: Monday, 13th January 2014 3pm

There is currently a service interruption to the TCDconnect WiFi Service for some users.  The problem is affecting anyone who is trying to, or has tried to connect to the Wifi Service since 14:00 hours today, from areas at the front of College.  If you were connected prior to 14:00 hours today then the service will be operating as normal for you.

IS Services are aware of the problem and are actively investigating the issue and hope to restore full service as soon as possible.