How to change your password (students).

Passwords are often broken, stolen or cracked without the knowledge of the victim. For instance, this can happen as a result of a phishing email or through malware.
Very often stolen passwords are not used immediately. If you change your password periodically, even if your password is somehow stolen, the thief does not have the opportunity to use it.

You can use either method listed below to change your Trinity network login password.

Password reset methods

1: Using Trinity MyPassword

MyPassword is a web-based service that Trinity students can use. You can use it from anywhere with internet access. It allows you to change your Trinity password, or to recover a password if you have forgotten it. To use the recovery service you must already be registered with the service.

2: Using a computer connected to domain

It is very easy to reset network login password using a Windows computer connected to the domain.
To reset your password using a computer connected to domain:

  1. On the keyboard, press Ctrl+Alt+Del.
  2. Click Change a password.
  3. Type the old password, then the new password and confirm it.

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