Computer account FAQ (staff)

Account entitlement queries

Queries in relation to certain IT account entitlements e.g. if no email address has been provisioned or if you are not included on a departmental mailing list, may need to be directed to Human Resources. Access to certain Trinity IT services is determined by the details in your record on the Human Resources system.  HR will be able to confirm your current coding on their system and the associated entitlements. In some cases your Head of Department may need to request further entitlements from HR on your behalf. Once your record has been updated on the HR system then your IT account and access to relevant IT services will be automatically updated within 72 hours.

How can I reset my password?

There are several ways in which you can change your password. Please visit the change passwords page for details.

My password is expired, what can I do?

There are several methods, please follow instructions on how to reset an expired password. If you like to know more about password expiry, please vist the password expiry FAQ.

Account expiry questions

If you have any questions regarding the expiry of your Trinity computer account, please visit our account expiry FAQ.

How do I use Password Manager?

For all questions regarding Password Manager service, please visit our Password Manager FAQ

Can I change my Trinity computer account username?

It is not possible to request that usernames be changed unless your personal details are entered incorrectly in Human Resources' records. In such case, please contact HR. If HR edit their records accordingly please contact the IT Service Desk to have your username likewise updated.

Why is my account disabled?

Accounts may be disabled for various reasons. Your account will be disabled if we have reasons to believe your account has been compromised. If your account has been disabled, please contact the IT Service Desk

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