Trinity computer account expiry (staff)

When will my Trinity IT computer account expire ?

Your staff computer account expires 2 weeks after your contract end date set by Human Resources.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Will I receive notification that my IT computer account is expiring?

You will be notified about the forthcoming computer account expiry at least 2 weeks prior to the date. On the day of your account expiry, your computer account and all associated accounts will stop working. The two week notice period between your contract end date and your computer account expiry gives you time to contact Human Resources. Human Resources will need to update your records, if your contract is pending a renewal. Staff whose accounts are due to expire are advised to backup data held on Trinity servers.

The computer account expiry process is automated. If your records are not updated by Human Resources during the two week notice period, your account will expire.

How do I get my IT computer account reactivated?

Human Resources is the first point of contact for computer account reactivation queries because the expiry date is tied to your contract end date. Human Resources manage this information.

How do I get my status changed from staff to student or vice versa?

Your staff account cannot be merged with your student account. You will receive a new student number and also a new Trinity computer account and email address. Your student account does not inherit the privileges of your staff account.

You should note that if you are continuing as a member of staff, you will have two separate accounts.

Change in payroll status casual/parttime/fulltime (staff)?

If you change status on the payroll and are issued with a new staff username, you will not be able to retain your old staff username

You will receive a new staff number and also a new Trinity username and email address. You are obliged to use the new username and email address.

What should I do to save any files I have on Trinity IT systems or OneDrive?

It is vital that you create a copy of any personal files you wish to keep as you will not be able to access files saved on the Trinity IT systems after your Trinity computer account has expired; this includes anything that you have saved to your OneDrive.

Backing up, or copying, of files must be done prior to the account expiry date.

Can I request that my files be retrieved after my account expires?

Unfortunately, we will not be able to retrieve any files subsequent to the expiry date of the accounts.

My personal computer connects to the Trinity data network, how do I remove the settings?

That's no problem. We have some steps for you to follow here: Removing the settings from computers that were connected to teaching and research network.

Can I set email forwarding on my account?

While your Trinity computer account is active you can set email forwarding to another email address. However, once your Trinity computer account has expired the email forwarding is discontinued.

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