Password Manager FAQ

Q. What passwords can I change using TCD Password Manager?

TCD Password Manager allows you to manage your Trinity network login password. Staff use this password to access their Trinity email account. This password is also needed when using online services like, Library services and Blackboard Learn (

Q. Can I set MyZone password (students) using TCD Password Manager?

No, your MyZone password is not managed by the TCD Password Manager. To set both the MyZone and Trinity network login password to be the same students should use the Set Password option at

Q. Which passwords can you not change using TCD Password Manager?

Students cannot change their MyZone password using TCD Password Manager. Trinity webauthors who edit the content of websites must note that their webauthor account password cannot be changed using TCD Password Manager.

Q. Which domain should I pick when logging into the Password Manager service – 'College' or 'First'?

Most Trinity users' accounts are in the domain. Only users from FSD who normally log in to should choose that option.

Q. Are there any requirements that must be met when creating a new Trinity network login password?

A. Yes, any password you set with Password Manager must follow these rules:

  • must be at least 8 characters long
  • must have a mix of upper and lowercase characters
  • must include at least one numeric character OR a special character such as ! @ $ % * _ - + = ~
  • must not include £ € : ? | space
  • must not include part of your first name, last name or username
  • must not be the same as any of your previous 24 passwords
  • can only be changed once in any 24 hour period

Q. Can I use the TCD Password Manager from a computer which is not on the Trinity network?

Yes. TCD Password Manager can be accessed from any computer with internet access at It allows you to change your Trinity network login password or unlock your account remotely.

Q. I am having difficulties providing answers to the questions in the Q&A profile.

The answers policy requires that your answers must be unique i.e. all different, they must all be at least 4 characters in length, and they must not contain parts of the corresponding question.

Q. Where are the answers to the questions in my Q&A profile stored?

The answers are securely stored in an encrypted format on an on-campus server managed by IT Services.

Q. What happens if I enter the answers incorrectly when I am trying to change my password or unlock my account?

You are allowed 3 chances to enter your answers correctly. For reasons of security, at the third incorrect attempt your Questions & Answers profile will be locked out and you will need to call to the IT Service Desk in person with your current Trinity ID card in order to have it unlocked. The questions will not change from attempt to attempt.

Q. Why are some options listed under 'Disabled Tools'

A. Some tools which appear under 'Disabled Tools' may not appropriate to your current account status or the current status of your network login password. This may be the case if your Trinity network login password has expired.

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