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Moving Beyond Sectarianism

The Moving Beyond Sectarianism (MBS, 1995-2001) research project was charged with the task of examining the roots, manifestations, and consequences of sectarianism in Ireland, as well as what is required to move beyond sectarianism. The particular focus of MBS was the role of the Christian churches in allowing, nurturing, instigating, and challenging sectarianism. Dr Joseph Liechty and Dr Cecelia Clegg were the principal investigators.

The project resulted in the publication of a landmark book by Liechty and Clegg, Moving Beyond Sectarianism (Columba Press, 2001) and other methods of dissemination such as: running training events to pass on skills and knowledge necessary to address sectarianism; and organising and leading a church consultation designed to help the churches move forward in the ways that they challenge sectarianism.

Moving Beyond Sectarianism can be purchased here or by contacting the Irish School of Ecumenics.

In 2001 Craig Sands and Yvonne Naylor developed insights from the MBS project into resource packs for adults and young adults.
Click here to download a copy in PDF Format.

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