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Annual Alumni Event 2014

On June 25th Prof. Gillian Wylie was delighted to host and welcome past and current students, their family and friends to this now well established informal celebration of our graduands and alumni.


Prof. Jude Lal Fernando, who was the keynote speaker for the event, graduated from ISE (M.Phil., Ph.D.) and is currently Assistant Professor in Intercultural Theology and Interreligious Dialogue in ISE. Jude Lal’s primary areas of expertise are in the role of religion in conflict and peace, and ethno-nationalisms, geopolitics and human rights. Prior to his arrival in Ireland Jude Lal had been a leading practitioner in interreligious dialogue and a human rights/peace campaigner. Since locating in Ireland, Jude Lal became one of the founding members (with Prof. Iain Atack, Head of the Confederal School) of the Irish Forum for Peace in Sri Lanka (IFPSL) which organized the People’s Tribunals on Sri Lanka (Successor to Bertrand Russel/Sartre Tribunals), which were held in Trinity College Dublin and in Bremen, Germany. He has widely travelled both for academic purposes and human rights campaigns to Asia, Europe and Latin America and just returned from China, Korea and Japan.

jude-speechIn Jude’s address he spoke passionately about the importance of linking theory and practice and the way in which his years in ISE had provided him with the space to work out this interaction.

Dr. Jude Lal’s full address and more photos.

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