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Film Details

Series/Newsreel titleHIDDEN HISTORY
Episode/Item titleIreland's Nazis
Production companyTile Film Prodcutions
History Channel, The
Radio Telefís Éireann/RTE
Country of originIreland
ProducerFARRELL, David
ROOKE, Stephen
DirectorFARRELL, Keith
Script/AdaptationFARRELL, Keith
PhotographyFOX, Ronan
Sound recordingMcDOWELL, Stephen
EditingDINSMORE, Juangus
SoundDolby Digital
TX channelRTE 1
TX date16/01/2007
SummaryHistorical two-part documentary on Ireland’s Nazi-sympathisers and collaborators during World War II, the period of The Emergency in Ireland. The second part resumes with an investigations by presenter Cathal O’Shannon into the Nazi Helmut Clissman, Abwenz Intelligence Officer, who tried to persuade the IRA to fight on the side of the Germans against the British; Albert Folens, Ireland’s leading educational publisher in the post-war years - a member of the Nazi Flemish SS; war criminal Albert Luykz of the Belgian Black Brigade, who had penetrated the Fianna Fail party in the 1970s; and Hitler’s favourite Nazi, Otto ‘Scarface’ Skorzeny, of the Waffen SS Commandos. The progamme is structured ariune five case studies: 1. The Spy; 2. The Flemish Connection 3. The Folens Enigma; 4: The Belgian Businessman; and 5: Otto ‘Scarface’ Skorzeny. Contributors include: Gerry Mullins, author of “Adolf Mahr: Dublin Nazi No 1’; Dr. Mark Hull, author of ‘Irish Secrets’; Dan Leach of the University of Melbourne; Prof. Bruno de Wever, Ghent University; Staf Van Velthoven, ex-Waffen SS; Senan Moloney of the Irish Independent; Louis Riemis, Nazi victim; Dr. Justin O’Brien, author of ‘The Arms Trial’; Kim Bielenberg of the Irish Indep-endent; Charles Messenger, military historian; HMS ‘Dusty’ Miller, ex-British Army.
Production creditspres: Cathal O’Shannon, sc/d: Keith Farrell, p: Dave Farrell, Stephen Rooke, a.p.: Catherine Quinn, Rachel Towell, research and development: David Ryan, ed: Juangus Dinsmore, dop: Ronan Fox, light.c.: Mark Cheah, Richard Kendrick, Nick Hayward (Australia), c.a.: Gary Walker, Declan King, s: Stephen McDowell, Mary Harkin, Dave Fannin, Michael O’Donoghue, Rob Hornbuckle, p.a.: Rebecca O’Malley, Aylish O’Driscoll, drama re-enactments: Battle Group South, Waterford Military, Duncan Lacroix, Steve White, make-up: Clare Barman, a.d.: John Wallace, Jerzy Skucinski (Poland), Alexander Kleminov (Ukraine), Mick Langan (Brittany), post.p.super: Suzanne McKenzie, addtl offline ed: Eamon Little, online ed: Cóilín O’Cearbhaill, colourist: Gary Curran, dub.mix: Mark Fitzpatrick, m: Mick Kiely, historical adv.: Dan Leach, with special thanks to: The former German Nazi Concentration Camp of Auschwitz and Birkenau, Kansas Film Co0mmission, University of Melbourne, National Archives of Ireland, National Library of Ireland, Kim Bielenberg, Senan Moloney, Gareth Healy, archive: ITN Source, Dodge Color, Footage Farm, VRT Belgium, Library of Congress, Irish Times, RTE Stills Library and Archive, ADVN, Topfoto, Failte Ireland, Ullstein Bild, Stuart Morris, Irish Film Archive of the Irish Film Institute, exec.p. (The History Channel): Richard Melman, (RTE): Eddie Coyle, Stephen Rooke, p.c.: Tile Film Productions, The History Channel, Radio Telefis Eireann/RTE.
Genre/CategoryTV Documentary Series
KeywordsEamon De Valera
Charles J. Haughey
Irish Republican Army
World War Two
Fianna Fail
Jewish people
War crimes

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