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Technical Staff Trade Union Group


University of Dublin Trinity College

AMICUS ( MSF section) represents Technical Staff in College on issues of pay and conditions, promotions, disciplinary matters, safety and many other aspects of employer employee relationships, representation is through local repesentatives and professional full-time officers. Within College, AMICUS members are represented on a number of committees including the Technical Staff Committee (which deal with Technical Staff promotions and qualifications), the College Safety Committee, and the T.C.D. Group of Unions. Nationally, AMICUS is one of the larger unions in Higher Education. The Union is also represented on the Executive Council of the ICTU. Internationally, AMICUS has close contact with the University Technicians National Negotiating Committee in the U.K. Nearly half our members work in manufacturing industry as engineers, scientists, technologists, technicians, supervisors researchers and
managers. The other half - and growing - are professionals employed in areas such as universities, health, sales, finance and the not-for-profit sector.
Within T.C.D., a committee elected annually administers the union. General meetings of members deal with important issues.




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