TCD Peer Mediators

Dónal Moore

Dónal has been came to  College in 2008 from the Irish Medical Organisation and has been a mediator for the last 16 years. Dónal holds and ungraduated degree  in HR,  an MSc  in HR and a Diploma in Legal Studies from the Kings Inns, is a qualified Coach and Workplace Mediator and an experienced negotiator

Helen Richardson

Helen Richardson works as Student Support Officer in the Senior Tutor's Office and has been employed in Trinity College since 1998. She has a BA Honours degree in Community & Social Studies and is currently doing a MSc in Disability Studies part time.

Claire O’Reilly

Claire  is a proactive Senior Human Resources Manager with extensive experience of developing and leading a team of HR Business Partners. Results-focused leader with over 15 years’ experience including managing and growing needs-based delivery teams. Qualified Coach with ability to build and sustain strong key relationships at senior levels and deliver strategic HR needs.

Linda McCormack

Linda McCormack is a skilled administrative manager with considerable experience in both public and private sectors. She is a practicing counsellor, on a volunteer basis, with strong interpersonal skills. Linda is solution focused. Her interests lie in workplace satisfaction & motivation; empowering others; teamwork and work relationships.)

Phillip Coffey

Philip Coffey works as a HR Partner for the Academic Services Division and the Financial Services Division since December 2013. Previously he has worked in senior HR management roles in Cahill May Roberts (Pharmaceutical Wholesale industry) and the Irish Business & Employers Confederation.

Ronan Healy

Ronan Healy is a Technical Officer and has been part of the Technical Support Group in the School of Computer Science & Statistics (previously the CS Dept.) since 1999. He was also the Support/Admin Representative on the Faculty of Engineering Maths & Science from 2010 - 2016.

Catherine Muldowney

Catherine Muldowney works as an Executive Officer in the School of Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences. She has worked in various Departments across College since 1997.

Niamh McKeown

Niamh McKeown works within HR as Workforce Planning Officer and has been working within Trinity since 2009. Prior to that she worked in Finance and HR in private industry. Seeing the effect that workplace disputes can have on individual is what motivated her to become involved in mediation and to assist in improving future workplace relationships.

Eimear Leonard

Eimear Leonard joined Human Resources in Trinity College in June 2014. Currently, she is an Administrative Officer with Staff Performance and Review. Prior to this, she worked in Resourcing.

Lorraine O'Neill

Lorraine O'Neill is a Senior Technical Officer in the Biology Teaching Centre, East End 5 and has been employed in Trinity since 1981. She has served on several committees, the most recent being the Technical Staff Committee. She is also a member of the Unite Local Committee.

Liza Toye

Liza Toye works as System Support and Project Team Leader in HR Information Systems. She has extensive experience on voluntary committees and Boards (community, school and Credit Union). Before working in Trinity, she spent 20 years in the private sector in administrative and IT training roles. She also has a Masters degree in History from Trinity.