Professional Skills for Research Leaders


Our timetable runs over 6 months, with both face to face and online sessions. You will need to be available to attend all sessions.

Epigeum PSRL Programme Calendar 2017/2018

Activity: On-Line Courses Core Hours Associated Portfolio Activities Dates
1:00 N/A 10th October
Course 1:
1:30 6:00 3 weeks to complete
10th Oct – 30th Oct
Course 2:
Developing and Consolidating your Research Career
2:45 9:45 4 weeks to complete
21st Oct – 26th Nov
Course 3:
Funding your Research
4:00 4 weeks to complete
27th Nov – 22nd Dec
Course 4:
Managing a Research Team
3:00 5:45 4 weeks to complete
Jan 8th – Feb 2nd
Course 5:
Research Collaboration
2:30 5:00 4 weeks to complete
Feb 5th – Mar 2nd
Course 6:
Communicating your Research
3:30 10:15 6 weeks to complete
Mar 5th – Apr 13th
Mentoring Review Meetings: Participants are encouraged to meet with their mentors approximately 3-4 times over the course of the programme. A reflective learning log of each mentoring session is also encouraged. Approx. 30 minutes each N/A Ongoing

Activity: PSRL Masterclasses (optional – but attendance strongly encouraged) Core Hours Associated Portfolio Activities Dates
Induction: Introducing PSRL 1 hr N/A 10/10/17

Masterclass 1: The higher education context
Delivered by Doris Alexander & Fiona Killard, TR&I

1-1.5 hrs N/A To be confirmed

Masterclass 2: Career Planning
Delivered by Marielle Kelly, Careers Advisory Service
To book:

1-1.5 hrs N/A Wed 22nd Nov 11am

Masterclass 3: Funding your research
Delivered by Camilla Kelly, TR&I
To book:

1-1.5 hrs N/A Wed Nov 29th 11am

Masterclass 4: Managing a research team
Delivered by Ronán MacDermott, Learning & Development Manager
To book:

1-1.5 hrs
N/A Thurs Feb 8th 11am

Masterclass 5: Collaborating with other partners
Delivered by Declan Weldon
To book:

1-1.5 hrs N/A Wed Feb 28th 11am

Masterclass 6: Increasing your public profile & communicating your research
Delivered by Niamh Brennan, Library
To book:

1-1.5 hrs N/A Mar 6th 11am

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