Getting the most out of

  • Set aside time every week for online training

  • Visit regularly to find out about new and updated courses

  • Watch the welcome video of a course to check out its training content

  • Use bookmarks to indicate favorite videos or courses

  • Create and share or assign course playlists

  • Download exercise files and practice applying knowledge as you go

Create a Learning Habit

1 per day for 20 minutes and 21 days, creates a learning habit

Tips on how to create a learning habit:

  • As with any habit - it takes time to build it - keep your expectations realistic.
  • Plan ahead - create a 21 day Learning Calendar. Use the day before starting your 21-day Learning calendar to plan and choose learning topics of interest
  • Schedule learning time that works for your schedule.
  • Do you commute to work? Could it be an idea to build in learning time during your bus or train journey?
  • Take time to reflect on your learning and tweak anything that does not work for your schedule.
  • Find a topic or skill that you are really interested in learning more about. Plan it into a learning schedule.
  • Stick with it - even if you just learn for 5-10 minutes each day, you are making progress.