HR Online Forms Hub

The Online Staff Request Form has now been rolled out to all of the Faculties and Divisions. This marks an important milestone in one of the customer service projects that have been initiated in HR.

In response to the requirements of our user base, HR in conjunction with IT Services have been working on the development on an Online Hub that will eventually become a central repository for all HR Forms.  The Online Hub will offer all users:

  • Ease of Access  – all forms in one location
  • Ease of Operation – comprehensive support, online tools and guides tailored for requirements of the novice, experienced and ad-hoc user are being made available.
  • Efficient Turnarounds – forms will automatically workflow through approval process

The first form to be made available on the HR Forms Hub is the Staff Request Form.  This particular form offers staff the facility to submit a request for a new post, to request renewal of a contract or to request authorisation to fill a vacant post via an online form.  The form will automatically flow to the appropriate authoriser at each stage of the process.

Support materials available:

Further forms will be also be added as we continue on our journey. 

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