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Single Honor History (TR003)


The Single Honor History programme is of four-years duration.

In the first year all 'Junior Freshmen' take two core modules, entitled 'Doing History' and 'Interpreting History', both of which seek to introduce students to the sources, methodologies and arguments characteristic of the study of history. In addition, students are introduced to surveys of what are usually unfamiliar periods and topics, such as medieval and early modern Ireland, medieval and early modern Europe and aspects of non-European history.

In the second ('Senior Freshman') year, modules cover what is often more familiar territory in modern Irish and European history, along with further options in medieval and early modern history for those who wish to pursue them. As in the Junior Freshman year students learn through a mixture of classroom-based lectures and tutorials, as well as through independent learning, preparing for classes and written work in our excellent library facilities.

At the third and fourth levels 'Sophister' students follow a range of thematic and document-based Special Subjects, which reflect the expertise of staff. While Freshman modules consist of several lectures, there is a growing emphasis on seminars and discussion in the final two years. Several extended essays and other assessment work has to be produced by each student. In the fourth year a dissertation of 10,000 words represents the summit of historical training for the Single Honor students. Dissertation topics are chosen by students themselves in consultation with their allocated supervisors and students can explore issues outside the normal coverage of the programme.

It is possible to spend all or part of the second or third year at one of our partner institutions in other countries. Results from these universities are recognised as part of your TCD degree - so spending time abroad does not lengthen the time required to obtain a degree. For further details, see the links for Outgoing Erasmus Students and Outgoing Non-EU Exchange Students on the International section of our website..

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