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HI4352 Power, Nation and Identity in Late Medieval Ireland


Module Organiser: Dr Caoimhe Whelan
Duration: All year
Contact hours: 2 hours per fortnight
Weighting: 10 ECTS
Assessment: 100% coursework

The English colony in late medieval Ireland was under attack.  Gaelic Ireland threatened its political and cultural identity while the distant English crown did little to bolster the colony’s flailing defences.  This module is concerned with exploring how an examination of written sources produced in late medieval Ireland in their material, cultural and historical context can enrich our understanding of the history of the period.  These works, supplemented with select secondary reading, will be analysed to reveal how early colonial writing offers a unique and rich perspective on the history, society and culture of medieval Ireland.  This survey will explore how memorialisation of the past - in chronicle and annalistic accounts as well as in prose and poetry - are key sources for understanding the history and historiography of medieval Ireland.  This will include an emphasis on the writing and consumption of history in the middle ages, and explore edifying works to reveal key concerns and interests of the medieval English colony in Ireland.  Topics explored will include: identity, geography, nation, history, memory, piety and power.  The materials presented will allow a thorough engagement with material culture in late medieval Ireland and conclude with an examination of the importance of such medieval material in the early modern period.

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