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The Mediterranean

New - The Mediterranean in the Late Middle Ages: Power, War and Society

Module Organiser: Alessandro Silvestri
Duration: All year
Contact hours: 2 hours per fortnight
Weighting: 10 ECTS
Assessment: 100% coursework

Mare nostrum (‘Our Sea’) was the term for the Mediterranean in ancient times, when the power of Rome embraced the entire Mediterranean coast and all its peoples. In the centuries following the fall of the Roman Empire, the unity of the Mediterranean was shattered. Islamic powers were able to impose control over much of the West, while the Byzantine Empire retained its rule over the East. This new equilibrium collapsed in the late Middle Ages - an era marked by astonishing political and social dynamism leading to the emergence of new powers and deep structural changes in Mediterranean economy and society. The period also witnessed a continuous state of war among a number of competitors vying supremacy, most famously the so-called 'Two Hundred Years' War' between the Crown of Aragon and the Angevins for control of the Kingdom of Sicily. By exploring a lively secondary literature and primary sources, this module explores this tumultuous period in the history of Mediterranean (14th and 15th centuries), which led to a new balance of power at the threshold of the modern era.

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