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The losing of the east

New - The losing of the east: conquest and colonisation in North America 1500-1783

Module Organiser: Gerard Farrell
Duration: Hilary term
Contact hours: 2 hours per week
Weighting: 10 ECTS
Assessment: 80% examinations, 20% essay

This course examines the invasion and settlement of North America from the viewpoint of the indigenous population, from the beginnings of regular contact with Europeans in the sixteenth century, through to the independence of the Thirteen colonies in 1783. The spread of colonies along the eastern seaboard, and the ensuing conflict which this caused with native Americans, is examined through a series of classes, each focusing on selected Indian nations and how they met the challenge presented by European colonisation. Historiographical questions, such as the construction of 'the Indian' in Euro-american thought, and the place of the natives' near-eradication in the narrative of American history, will be given prominence

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