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HI4399 China 1911-1949: From Republican Revolution to Communist Revolution

Sun Yat-sen in 1924, with his second wife, Ching-ling

Module Organiser: Dr Isabella Jackson
Duration: All year
Contact hours: 3 hours per week
Weighting: 20 ECTS
Assessment: 60% Examination, 40% Essay

The 1911 Revolution brought down the last emperor of China, ending over 2,000 years of imperial rule and ushering in the Republican period. But the young nation faced many challenges, from foreign imperialism to the titanic struggle between the Communist and Nationalist Parties. This module provides an in-depth study of the development of Republican China and the major debates concerning its history. Students will draw on the recent outpouring of new historiography, due in part to the new availability of archival resources in mainland China, as well as engaging directly with revealing primary materials (in English), to gain a thorough understanding of this period of intense and formative change for modern China.

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