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HI2127 The Hundred Years War C.1337-1453

HI2111 The Hundred Years War C.1337-1453

Module Coordinators: Dr. David Ditchburn & Dr Peter Crooks
Duration: Michaelmas term
Contact hours: 2 lectures per week (weeks 1-5), plus 6 seminars (weeks 8-11)
Weighting: 10 ECTS
Assessment: 20% essay; 80% examination

The Hundred Years War was in reality a series of wars, on both land and sea, arising primarily from the political and dynastic conflicts of the kings of England and France. It was fought mainly in France but also engulfed Brittany, Scotland, the Iberian kingdoms, the Netherlands and other countries. The first part of the wars is retailed in considerable detail by the contemporary chronicler, Jean Froissart, whose powerful portrait of warfare and political rivalry is set against a backdrop of chivalric endeavour and glory. The module takes its lead from Froissart’s vivid chronicles. The first four tutorials are focussed exclusively on various aspects of his chronicles and students will be expected to write an essay on Froissart’s work. The remaining tutorials are devoted to a study of texts on Joan of Arc. Lectures concentrate on key themes associated with Froissart’s world, such as kingship, chivalry and warfare, diplomacy and popular revolt.

Key reading: Froissart's Chronicles, ed. G. Brereton (Penguin Classics) - strongly recommended for purchase

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this module students should be able to:

  • Outline chronologically and explain key developments in the political history of western Europe in the later middle ages
  • Assess the impact of the Hundred Year War on the development of western Europe
  • Search for, and critically appraise, relevant literature
  • Undertake an extended analysis of select contemporary sources in translation
  • Communicate analysis and argument in written and verbal format

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