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Marie Sophie Hingst

PhD Student



I received my undergraduate and graduate education in Berlin, Lyon and Los Angeles and graduated in 2013 with an MA in Early Modern History from Freie Universität Berlin. I started my PhD in 2013 and am under the supervision of Micheál Ó Siochrú.


My objective is to trace different aspects of the process of Irish colonization in the seventeenth century. My work seeks to present this within the context of the Atlantic and other continental relationships, and to capture these analytically in a broader framework. The aim of this work is not to provide a single anecdote of a historical event into an already existing body of historiography, but to consider the Irish case as an optical prism that allows us to open up concealed aspects, to give subtle nuances to conventional interpretive patterns and, as such, to enable new refractions.

My further research interests include: Jewish-German History, Shoah and Historiography as well as Postcolonial Theories.

Research papers:

  • "A journey on the river Styx. Simon Srebnik, Claude Lanzmann and the deep waters of memory making.", will be presented at International Conference on Jews and Gentiles in East-Central Europe in the 20th century at University of Prague ( June 2014 ).
  • "Dem Fisch hinterher. Perspektiven auf Nachhaltigkeit als Machtprinzip in Irisch-Atlantischen Kontexten des 16. Jahrhunderts" at University of Salzburg. ( April 2013 ).
  • "The Queen on a map. A view under a skirt as an Explanatory example of colonial mapping in the Northern Atlantic Sphere" at University of Oslo ( December 2012 ).

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