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1641 Depositions Project

Reading List
1641T.C. Barnard in ‘The uses of 23 October 1641 and Irish Protestant celebration’, EHR, 106 (1991), pp 889-920
N.P. Canny, in a series of articles consolidated in Making Ireland British, 1580-1650 (Oxford, 2001), chapter 6
--- ‘The 1641 Depositions as a Source for the Writing of Social History: County Cork as a case Study’ in P. O’Flanagan and Cornelius Buttimer (eds.), Cork: history and society (Dublin, 1993)
--- ‘The 1641 depositions: a source for social and cultural history’ History Ireland 1:4 (1993)
--- ‘Religion, Politics and the Irish Rising of 1641’ in J. Devlin and R. Fanning, eds., Religion and Identity
Aidan Clarke, ‘The 1641 depositions’ in P. Fox (ed.), Treasures of the library: Trinity College Dublin (Dublin, 1986), pp 111-22
--- The Old English in Ireland 1625-1642 (Cornell, 1966)
--- The Graces, 1625-41 (Dundalk, 1968)
--- ‘The genesis of the Ulster rising’ in P. Roebuck (ed.), Plantation to partition. Essays in Ulster history in honour of J. L. McCracken (Belfast, 1981), pp 29-45
Joseph Cope, ‘Fashioning victims: Dr Henry Jones and the plight of Irish protestants', Historical Research, 74 (2001), pp 370-91
Joseph Cope, ‘The experience of survival during the 1641 Irish rebellion’, Historical Journal, 46 (2003), pp 295-316
R. Gillespie in ‘Mayo and the rising of 1641’ in Cathair na Mart, 5 (1985), pp 38-44, and in his later studies in the history of popular religion;
Brid McGrath in ‘County Meath from the depositions’ in Riocht na Midhe, 9 (1994-5), pp 24-41
Mary O’Dowd in Power, politics and land; early modern Sligo (Belfast, 1991), and in her work on women in Irish history
Michael Perceval-Maxwell in The outbreak of the Irish rebellion of 1641, (Dublin, 1994)
--- ‘The Ulster Rising of 1641, and the depositions’ in IHS, 21 (Sept. 1978)
Hilary Simms in ‘Violence in County Armagh’ in B. MacCuarta (ed.), Ulster, 1641 (Belfast, 1993)
R. Clifton in ‘Massacre, counter-massacre and ethnic cleansing in Ireland, 1640-60’ in M. Levene and P. Roberts (eds.), The massacre in history (Oxford and New York, 2000)

Many of the depositions have been reproduced in a variety of publications, particularly local journals and histories:
1641 Richard Caulfield (ed.), The Council Book of the Corporation of Youghal (Guildford, 1878)
--- Council Book of Kinsale
--- Council Book of the Corporation of Cork (Guildford, 1876)
J. T. Gilbert (ed.), Irish Confederation vol. I
     • Edward Dowdall of Meath, 13/3/1642 (pp. 268-78)
     • Nicholas Dowdall of Meath, 17/3/1642 (pp. 278-85)
     • John Reade 19/3/1642 (pp. 285-88)
Mary Hickson (ed.), Ireland in the seventeenth century (2 vols., London, 1884) where 100s of the depositions are printed
--- Selections from Old Kerry Records (2 vols., London, 1872 and 1874)
P. H. Hore, History of the town and county of Wexford (6 vols., London 1900-)
Thomas FitzPatrick, The Bloody Bridge and other papers relating to the insurrection of 1641 (Dublin, 1903; reissued 1970)
--- ‘The wars of 1641 in County Down: the deposition of High Sheriff Peter Hill (1645)’, Ulster Journal of Archaeology, 2nd series, 10:2 (1904), pp. 73-90; 11:1 (1905), pp. 14-17; 11:2 (1905), pp. 58-64; 12 (1906), pp. 2-10 and 12:2 (1906), pp. 62-77.
--- ‘The Ulster civil war: “The king’s commission” in County Fermanagh’, UJA, 2nd series, 13 (1907); 14 (1908); 15 (1909)
--- Waterford during the Civil War (1641-1653) (Waterford, 1912)
Charles Smith, The ancient and present state of the County of Cork (2 vols., Dublin, 1750)
---, The ancient and present state of the County and city of Waterford (Dublin, 1846)

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