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For information, including research interests, on all of our academic staff in the School of Genetics and Microbiology, please click on any of the names listed below.

All other staff details can be found on the Department of Microbiology and the Department of Genetics own inidvidual listings while details of School Office staff and Academic Officers are available in the Contact section of this website.

Title Name Department Short CV
Associate Professor Ursula Bond Microbiology PDF, 316 KB
Associate Professor Adrian Bracken Genetics PDF, 293 KB
Professor Daniel Bradley Genetics PDF, 333 KB
Assistant Professor Matthew Campbell Genetics PDF, 434 KB
Assistant Professor Sinead Corr Microbiology PDF, 354 KB
Professor Kevin Devine Genetics PDF, 363 KB
Professor Charles James Dorman Microbiology PDF, 3270 KB
Professor Gwyneth Jane Farrar Genetics PDF, 307 KB
Assistant Professor Alastair Fleming Microbiology PDF, 291 KB
Assistant Professor Joan Geoghegan Microbiology PDF, 195 KB
Professor Peter Humphries Genetics PDF, 203 KB
Dr. Karsten Hokamp Genetics PDF, 317 KB
Professor Thomas Kavanagh Genetics PDF, 346 KB
Assistant Professor Carsten Kroger Microbiology PDF, 278 KB
Assistant Professor Juan Pablo Labrador Genetics PDF, 196 KB
Professor Seamus Martin Genetics PDF, 554 KB
Assistant Professor Marta Martins Microbiology PDF, 587KB
Assistant Professor Russell McLaughlin Genetics  
Professor Aoife McLysaght Genetics PDF, 297 KB
Associate Professor Kevin Mitchell Genetics PDF, 432 KB
Professor Mani Ramaswami Genetics PDF, 213 KB
Assistant Professor Kim Roberts Microbiology PDF, 203 KB
Associate Professor Frank Wellmer Genetics PDF, 327 KB


Last updated 5 December 2017 (Email).