• Weighing up the Value of the Arts in Ireland

    It is not the number of artists assisted, or the number of events sponsored that matter but the value to wider society, according to Professor of Economics John O'Hagan

    17 September 2015

  • The Case for a New National Institute for Health Research

    A new National Institute for Health Research could transform our health service, according to Orla Hardiman, Professor of Neurology.

    7 August 2015

  • The Ongoing Greek Crisis: A Roadmap for Reform of the Euro Zone

    The Five Presidents’ Report 'Completing Europe’s Economic and Monetary Union' provides a possible roadmap for the reform of the euro zone, according to Professor Philip R Lane.

    6 August 2015

  • Alcohol and Mental Health in Ireland

    The best way to improve mental health in Ireland would be for the Government to implement the recommendations of its own Steering Group on a National Substance Misuse Strategy for alcohol, according to Prof Ian H Robertson.

    27 July 2015

  • China’s Ambitious Space Programme

    Future space endeavors will be driven by a mix of state actors, corporations and individuals, but China, by virtue of the ambition of its space programme, stands out, according to Professor of Business Studies Louis Brennan.

    17 July 2015

  • How Much Do You Really Care About Your Online Data?

    The perceived concern about losing control of our online data is actually far smaller than the desire to control our purse strings, according to Dr Kevin Koidl.

    6 July 2015

  • The North Began - The Forgotten Exodus of Northern Nationalists

    Northern activists who fled Ulster to avoid persecution after partition made significant contribution to cultural and political life in the new Free State, according to Professor of Contemporary Irish History Eunan O'Halpin

    22 June 2015

  • Magna Carta at 800 – the Dublin Connection

    Eight hundred years ago this week one of the most famous documents in world history was born: Magna Carta. It established the principle that executive power should not be above the law, explains Dr Peter Crooks, Assistant Professor in Medieval History

    16 June 2015

  • Inspiring Change: Empowering Women’s Futures in Africa

    Global progress towards equality for women and girls has been significant in the last 20 years, yet enormous barriers to female empowerment still persist, says Dr Gillian Wylie, Head of the Irish School of Ecumenics.

    25 May 2015

  • Britain Shouldn’t Leave the EU – It Should Join the Euro Group

    If the UK wants beneficial reform of the EU then let it be as a fully committed club member, observing the collective rules of that club, says Professor of Economics John O'Hagan.

    7 May 2015

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