• Magna Carta at 800 – the Dublin Connection

    Eight hundred years ago this week one of the most famous documents in world history was born: Magna Carta. It established the principle that executive power should not be above the law, explains Dr Peter Crooks, Assistant Professor in Medieval History

    16 June 2015

  • Inspiring Change: Empowering Women’s Futures in Africa

    Global progress towards equality for women and girls has been significant in the last 20 years, yet enormous barriers to female empowerment still persist, says Dr Gillian Wylie, Head of the Irish School of Ecumenics.

    25 May 2015

  • Britain Shouldn’t Leave the EU – It Should Join the Euro Group

    If the UK wants beneficial reform of the EU then let it be as a fully committed club member, observing the collective rules of that club, says Professor of Economics John O'Hagan.

    7 May 2015

  • Neonicotinoids are Harmful to More Than Just Honeybees

    Professor in Botany, Dr Jane Stout, believes a paradigm shift is needed in agricultural pest control to safeguard bees and other pollinators that provide an incredibly valuable ecosystem service.

    27 April 2015

  • Why we don’t hear about the 10,000 French deaths at Gallipoli

    Professor John Horne on why the Gallipoli campaign, which became a foundation myth in Australia and the Turkish ,was eventually forgotten in France.

    27 April 2015

  • State Taking Grandparents Who Provide Childcare for Granted

    As long as grandparents are doing the job 'for free' the State avoids the significant investment required for good-quality childcare, says Dr Virpi Timonen, Professor of Social Policy and Ageing at the School of Social Work and Social Policy.

    16 April 2015

  • Zoologists Hope ‘Big Brother’ Approach Will Help Combat TB in Badgers and Cattle

    The zoologists are using GPS systems to better understand how badgers live their lives in Ireland, so as to develop a highly effective TB vaccination programme.

    31 March 2015

  • Bitcoin: A Currency without a Country

    Professor in Computer Science at Trinity, Donal O'Mahony, believes the crypto-currency genie is now well and truly out of the bottle.

    3 February 2015

  • Time to Talk about Youth Homelessness - Expert Comment on Homeless Crisis

    Media attention has focussed on homelessness among families and adults, but if we're really serious about tackling this crisis, then we have to start talking about youth homelessness as this is where the problem often begins argues Paula Mayock, Assistant Professor in Youth Research in the School of Social Work and Social Policy.

    19 December 2014

  • The Ebola Outbreak – Is Africa Really Rising?

    Associate Professor in Geography in the School of Natural Sciences at Trinity College Dublin, Padraig Carmody, says: “Much of Africa has made substantial socio-economic progress in the last decade in particular, but for the continent to truly “rise”, a new relationship with the international system and a new state-citizen bargain is required.”

    27 November 2014

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