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Taxation - Contacts

The Financial Services Division Contacts page contains individual details of the person that you may wish to contact in connection with the tax aspect of certain transactions. The listing below provides assistance in identifying the section that you will need to contact.



Employee Taxes (including benefit in kind; P60; P45; exclusion orders etc.)




Professional Services Witholding Tax

Accounts Payable (when related to supplier invoices)



Relevant Contracts Tax

Accounts Payable




Research (when related to Research Contract or Classification)

Accounts Payable (when related to non-research supplier invoices)

Accounts Receivable (when related to non-research College invoices)



Tax Clearance

Accounts Payable (suppliers)

Accounts Receivable (College)


If you wish to contact the Revenue Commissioners in connection with any of the above taxes, you can phone 8655000 (for non-employee queries) and you need to contact your individual tax district (this is identified on your tax credit certificate/ assessment form or it can be located by using the revenue locator on the home page of the Revenue Commissioners website at

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Last updated: Oct 21 2015.