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Year End Processes

The University’s financial year runs from 1 October until 30 September and starts with planning and preparation in August and September of each year. The financial reporting requirements of Trinity comprise the Consolidated Financial Statements and Funding Statements.

Consolidated Financial Statements

The Consolidated Financial Statements cover all activities of the University and its subsidiary undertakings in the statement of comprehensive income and financial position and are akin to statements published by commercial entities. All Universities are required to prepare their financial statements in accordance with Financial Reporting Standard 102 (FRS 102).

Board approves the Consolidated Financial Statements in Hilary term each year and the Financial Statements are available to download in both Irish and English at the following link:

Trinity Financial Statements

Trinity Endowment Funds

The Endowment Funds are a collection of individual funds, each representing a benefaction/donation to the University, which are invested and managed by the Trinity Board through its Investment Committee. They provide financial support to specific University activities e.g. annual prize, financial assistance or scholarships. Full details on the specific terms and conditions of each Fund are available in the College Calendar Part 1 (

A guide to the Endowment Funds (Benefactions) is available at:

For any queries please contact:

Ghala DAC Limited

The principal activity of the company is the construction and refurbishment of Trinity properties.

Trinity Online Services Company Limited by Guarantee (TOSL)

The principal activity of the company is the advancement of education through the development and provision of a range of online education courses for Trinity College Dublin, the University of Dublin.

Trinity Asia Services Company (TASC)

The principal activity is the teaching of University students in Singapore.

Funding Statements

The Funding Statements are prepared on the basis of Irish University sector harmonised principles, approved by the Higher Education Authority. Funding Statements cover the teaching and research activities of the University and are uniformly prepared across the University sector.

Yearly Audit Schedule:


Consolidated FS Interim Audit September / October
Endowment Funds November
Ghala DAC November
Trinity Online Services Company November
Consolidated Financial Statements Audit January

Interm Audt August / September
Consolidated Financial Statements Audit January / February


Full Economic Cost (FEC)

The Full Economic Cost provides detailed cost information on all the University's activities. Preparation and planning begins in May and concludes in June with submission of the FEC outputs to the Irish Universities Association (IUA). Results from the seven universities are then combined and released for the sector to the HEA. Detailed information on Full Economic Costing can be found at the following link:

Full Economic Costing



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Last updated: Jun 19 2017.