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Financial Resources - Conference Travel



1. Eligibility for the Scheme is limited to full-time permanent and pensionable members of the academic staff, members of academic staff appointed on contracts of indefinite duration and to full-time members of the academic staff appointed on fixed-term contracts of not less than two years' duration. All similar expenses of other grades of staff have to be met from Departmental funds or other monies available in the Departments.

2. Support is available for (a) Conferences, Seminars, Workshops, and Summer Schools (provided, of course, that the meetings concerned are bona fide ones within the staff member's general sphere of academic interest), and/or (b) travelling and subsistence expenses incurred for purposes of importance to teaching and/or research, including advanced courses, lecture tours and travel for collecting material which is essential or important for teaching or research, or for carrying out some part of a staff member's research which cannot be well done in Dublin.

Approval of the Head of Department should be obtained before departure. In the case of (a) above such approval is required merely in order to ensure that absences do not conflict with Departmental requirements, but in the case of (b) above the Head of Department must also approve of the purposes for which support is sought.

3. Conference etc. registration fees may be reimbursed whether or not travelling expenses are also involved. Claims for reimbursement of travelling and subsistence expenses must involve travel outside the Dublin area, at reasonable tourist standards. It is in the recipient's interest to minimise his/her claim for any one journey, as by doing so he/she will maintain a larger spending potential for other occasions. The College expects recipients to make some contribution from their own resources.

4. Reimbursement of vouched expenses will be made by the Financial Services Division, which will issue a cheque on receipt of a detailed claim with supporting vouchers, (to be set out in a standard form, obtainable from the Departmental Secretary). The Treasurer has discretion to make payments prior to departure where circumstances warrant it. If an applicant has any doubt about the eligibility of his/her application he/she should clear it before departure.  All payments from the Conference Travel Scheme must be authorised by the Head of Department.

5. Not more than €700 will be reimbursed in respect of any one accounting year (to 30 September). Any unused portion of entitlement from the immediately preceding accounting year may be claimed retrospectively when the current year's amount has been exhausted. Members of the academic staff who have undertaken a single inter-continental trip costing more than the maximum available to them over the two years of the Scheme (as in the preceding sentence) will be allowed to draw the remainder in the third year (not exceeding the third year's entitlement, if any) where they are still full-time permanent pensionable members of staff in that third year.

6. Deans and Heads of academic Departments are not precluded, within the constraints of the Faculty and Department funds at their discretion, from providing support additional to the Research, Training and Conference Travel Scheme, but their ability to do so must necessarily be secondary to other commitments.


Queries: Celine Whelan, ext. 2240

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Last updated: Oct 03 2013.