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Accounts Receivable - Other AR Tax Issues

1. The College Vat registration Number is: IE 2200007U


2. Trinity College Dublin is a Registered Charity

Charity Registration Number is: CHY11


3. Tax Clearance Certificate

The College Tax Clearance Certificate [PDF] can be viewed and printed here.

See also Tax Clearance in the Taxation section for further information.


4. Professional Services Withholding Tax on income:

Please note that an amendment has been made to the Professional Services Withholding Tax Scheme under Section 15 of the Finance Act 2005. The scheme has been amended to provide statutory exemption in relation to the operation of PSWT on relevant payments by accountable persons (public bodies) to accountable persons (public bodies) who are exempt from tax or who are tax-exempt charities. This change came into effect from 25th March 2005 .

Trinity College Dublin is a registered charity and as such is exempt from the deduction of Professional Services Withholding Tax.


5. Vat 13B and 56B Exemption:

Exempts certain exporting companies from charging or being charged vat provided they have a valid Vat 13B or 56B authorisation certificate.

It is each department’s responsibility to request copies of their customer’s Tax Exemption certificates (VAT13B). The authorisation number quoted on the Vat Exemption certificate will be quoted on the invoices. Prior to the exemption Certificate running out the department should request from their customer a copy of their new certificate and if they do not have a new certificate vat will then have to be charged as appropriate.

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Last updated: Aug 11 2015.