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Accounts Payable - Purchasing Cards


Purchasing Card (PCard)Manual

Purchasing Cards are credit cards allocated to named staff of the College who are authorised to use them. It is a fast, flexible purchasing method for processing orders from one-off suppliers that accept credit cards. The purpose of the Purchasing Card System is to establish a more efficient and cost-effective method of handling purchases and the related payment procedures. Used to its potential, the Purchasing Card System results in a significant reduction in low value invoices.

The Purchasing Card System will enable you to purchase goods and non-professional services directly from suppliers. Payment of all Purchasing Card transactions are performed electronically like a credit card, which eliminates the need to process invoices.

All transactions for the current month must be coded and approved for export into Oracle by the 6th of the following month.  They will not be accurately reflected in your areas Business Intelligence reports until they are exported.

The Purchasing Cards have specific controls put into place to reduce misuse. Along with these administrative controls the Purchasing cards all incorporate Chip-&-PIN technology.


PCard UPK (User Productivity Kit)





Last updated: Sep 28 2017.