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Water Technology Group: Research


Who are we?

The Water Technology Group is a group of researchers working under the supervison of Prof Nick Gray. They include full and part-time postgraduates as well as some taught MSc students and final year undergraduates who carry out minor research projects as part of their degree programme. The group is wholly based in the Centre for the Environment and welcomes researchers with similar interests from other universities and industry.

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Current research areas:

Biology of wastewater processes and operational control

  • Effects of anoxia on protozoan communities in activated sludge operation
  • Foaming control in activated sludge using metabolic control
  • Effects of wastewater characteristics on activated sludge treatment
  • The use of macrophytes in tertiary treatment and nutrient removal

Drinking water quality, treatment and supply

  • Residential water consumption patterns

Pollution control

  • Treatment of acid mine drainage in admixture with domestic wastewater

Climate Change

  • Carbon dioxide footprinting
  • Carbon pricing

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Applying to do research with the Water Technology Group

TCD by Tigroney 25K jpegIn the first instance please contact Professor Nick Gray who will then discuss potential research ideas with you and depending on funding then it may be possible for you to register for eiter an MSc or PhD by reserach. Following agreement, a formal application to register must be made through Graduate Studies. Please read the application procedures. Funded research studentships are widely advertized in the press and also via the Graduate Studies Office website.

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