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Peer Review Publications

Recent publications by the Staff resident in the Centre are listed below under staff name.

For details of non-peer reviewed publications including research reports please use the link.

Dr Norman Allott

Book Chapters:

Kilroy, G., Coxon, C., Allott, N. and Rubaczuk, K. (2001) The contribution of groundwater phosphorus to surface water eutrophication in Ireland . In: Groundwater ecology-a tool for management of water resources (eds. C. Griebler, D.L. Danielopol, J. Gilbert, H.P. Nachtnebel and J. Notenboom), 343-9, Office for Official Publications of the European Communities, Luxembourg.


Jennings, E. and Allott, N. (2006) Position of the Gulf Stream influences lake nitrate concentrations in SW Ireland, Aquatic Sciences, 68, 2006, 482 – 489.

Allott, N., McGinnity, P., and O’Hea, B. (2005) Factors influencing the downstream transport of sediment in the Lough Feeagh catchment, Freshwater Forum, 23, 126 – 138.

Free, G., Bowman, J., Caroni, R., Donnelly, R., Little, R., McGarrigle, M.L., Tierney, D., Kennedy, D., Allott, N. and Irvine, K. (2005) The identification of lake types using macrophyte community composition in Ireland, Verh. Int. Ver. Limnol, 29, 296 – 299.

Donnelly, A., Jennings, E. and Allott, N. (2002) A review of liming options for afforested catchments in Ireland, Biology and Environment, 103B, (2), 91 – 105.

Jennings, E., Allott, N., McGinnity, P., Poole, R., Quirke, B., Twomey, H. and George, G. (2001) The North Atlantic Oscillation: implications for freshwater systems in Ireland, Biology and Environment, 100B, 149 – 157.

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Dr. Ainhoa González Del Campo


Gonzalez, A (2010). Incorporating Spatial Data and GIS to Improve SEA of Land Use Plans: Opportunities and Limitations : Case Studies in the Republic of Ireland. Lambert Academic Publishing. ISBN: 978-3-8383-4060-9.

Book Chapters:

Gonzalez, A, Donnelly, A and Jones, M (2014). The BRIDGE Impact Assessment Framework. In: N Chrysoulakis, E Castro and E Moors (eds) Understanding Urban Metabolism. A Tool for Urban Planning, pp 163-174. Routledge: New York. ISBN: 978-0-415-83511-4.

Breil, M and Gonzalez, A (2014). Collection of Socio-economic Data and Indicators for Urban Integrated Modelling. In: N Chrysoulakis, E Castro and E Moors (eds) Understanding Urban Metabolism. A Tool for Urban Planning, pp141-152. Routledge: New York. ISBN: 978-0-415-83511-4.

Klostermann, J, A Groot, A and Gonzalez, A (2014). The use of Communities of Practice to Involve Stakeholders in the Decision Support System Design. In: N Chrysoulakis, E Castro and E Moors (eds) Understanding Urban Metabolism. A Tool for Urban Planning, pp 131-140. Routledge: New York. ISBN: 978-0-415-83511-4.

Hodges, N, Mitraka, Z and Gonzalez, A (2014). Decision Support Tools for Urban Planning. In: N Chrysoulakis, E Castro and E Moors (eds) Understanding Urban Metabolism. A Tool for Urban Planning, pp 13-17. Routledge: New York. ISBN: 978-0-415-83511-4.

Gonzalez, A and Gazzola, P (2011). The ICT-based Public Organizations. In: M Sarlak (ed) The New faces of Organizations in the 21st Century, pp 56-89. NAISIT Publishers: Canada. ISBN 978-0-9865335-0-1.

Gonzalez, A, Gilmer, A, Foley, R, Sweeney, J and Fry, J (2008). Developing and Applying a Participative Web-based GIS for Integration of Public Perceptions in to Strategic Environmental Assessment. In: N Mount, G Harvey, P Aplin and G Priestnall (eds) Innovations in GIS 13: Representing, Modelling and Visualising the Natural Environment, pp. 117-133. CRC Press: Florida.


Mitraka, Z, Diamantakis, E, Chrysoulakis, N, Castro, EA San Jose, R, Gonzalez, A and Blecic, I (In Press). Prototyping a Spatial Decision Support System Accounting for the Exploitation of Bio-physical Sciences in Urban Planning. Sustainability.

Valtenbergs, V, Gonzalez, A and Piziks, R (2013). Selecting Indicators for Sustainable Development of Small Towns: The Case of Valmiera Municipality. Procedia Computer Science, 26: 21-32.

Gonzalez, A, Keneghan, D, Fry, J and Hochstrasser, T (2013). Current Practice in Biodiversity Impact Assessment and Prospects for Developing an Integrated Process. Impact Assessment and Project Appraisal, 32(1),31-42.

Gonzalez, A, Hochstrasser, T, Fry, J, Scott, P, Grist, B and Jones, M (2013). Evaluating Ireland's IBIA as an Approach to Improving the Quality and Effectiveness of Biodiversity Impact Assessment. Journal of Environmental Management, 131: 150-160.

Daly, G and Gonzalez, A (2013). Key Indicators for Territorial Cohesion and Spatial Planning: The Reform of the EU Cohesion Policy and the New Role of Spatial Indicators. Borderlands: The Journal of Spatial Planning in Ireland, 3: 77-89.

Gonzalez, A, Donnelly, A, Jones, M Chrysoulakis and Lopes, M (2013). A Decision-Support System for Sustainable Urban Metabolism in Europe. Environmental Impact Assessment Review, 38: 109-119.

Chrysoulakis, N, Lopes, M, San Jose, R, Grimmond, CSB, Jones, MB, Magliulo, V, Klostermann, JE, Synnefa, A, Mitraka, Z, Castro, EA, Gonzalez, A, Vogt, R, Vesala, T, Spano, D, Pigeon, G, Freer-Smith, P, Staszewski, T, Hodges, N, Mills, G and Cartalis, C (2013).  Sustainable Urban Metabolism as a Link between Bio-physical Sciences and Urban Planning: The BRIDGE Project. Landscape and Urban Planning, 112: 100-117

Gonzalez, A (2012). GIS in Environmental Assessment: A Review of Current Issues and Future Needs. Journal of Environmental Assessment Policy and Management, 14:1-23.

Gonzalez, A, Donnelly, A, Jones, M,  Klostermann, J, Groot, A and Breil, M (2011). Community of Practice Approach to Developing Urban Sustainability Indicators. Journal of Environmental Assessment Policy and Management, 13(4), 591-617.

Gonzalez, A, Gilmer, A, Foley, R, Sweeney, J and Fry, J (2011). Applying Geographic Information Systems to Support Strategic Environmental Assessment: Opportunities and Limitations in the context of Irish Land-use Plans. Environmental Impact Assessment Review, 31(3) 368-381.

Gonzalez, A, Gilmer, A, Foley, R, Sweeney, J and Fry, J (2008). Technology-aided Participative Methods in Environmental Assessment: An International Perspective. Computers, Environment and Urban Systems, 32: 303-316.

Principal Commissioned Reports

Gonzalez, A (2014). SEA Spatial Information Sources. Ireland: Environmental Protection Agency. URL:

Gonzalez, A, Therivel, R, Fry, J and Foley, W (2014). Developing and Assessing Alternatives in Strategic Environmental Assessment - Good Practice Guidance. Ireland: Environmental Protection Agency.

Gonzalez, A and Therivel, R (2014). Alternatives in Strategic Environmental Assessment of Plans and Programmes. IAIA FasTips No. 7. USA: International Association for Impact Assessment (IAIA). URL:

Daly, G, Gonzalez, A, Adams, N, Pinch, P, Valtenbergs, V, Livina, A, Burns, M and Johannesson, H (2012). Key Indicators for Territorial Cohesion and Spatial Planning. ESPON Targeted Analysis. URL:

Gonzalez, A (2013). Integrated Biodiversity Impact Assessment: Streamlining AA, SEA and EIA: Practitioner’s Manual. Ireland: Environmental Protection Agency. URL:,%20SEA%20and%20EIA%20Processes%20-%20Practicioner's%20Manual.pdf

Gonzalez, A (2009). GISEA Manual: Current Practice and Potential on the Application of Geographic Information Systems as a Support Tool in Strategic Environmental Assessment of Irish Land Use Plans. Ireland: Environmental Protection Agency. URL:,25835,en.html

Olabe, A and Gonzalez, A (2006). Best Practice Manual on Strategic Environmental Assessment in the European Union. IHOBE Sociedad Publica de Gestion Ambiental, Basque Government. URL:

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Dr Catherine Coxon


McManus, S-L., Coxon, C.E., Richards, K.G. and Danaher, M. (2013, in press) Quantitative solid phase microextraction: gas chromatography mass spectrometry analysis of the herbicides lindane, heptachlor and two heptachlor transformation products in groundwater. Journal of Chromatography A, in press.

Kimberley, S. and Coxon, C. (2013) Evaluating the influence of groundwater pressures on groundwater-dependent wetlands.  EPA STRIVE Report 100, Environmental Protection Agency, Wexford, 77pp.

Minet, E., Coxon, C.E., Goodhue, R., Richards, K.G., Kalin, R.M. and Meier-Augenstein, W. (2012) Evaluating the utility of 15N and 18O isotope abundance analyses to identify nitrate sources: a soil zone study. Water Research, 46: 3723-3736.

Premrov, A., Coxon, C.E., Hackett, R., Kirwan, L. and Richards, K.G. (2012)  Effects of over-winter green cover on groundwater nitrate and dissolved organic carbon concentrations beneath tillage land.  Science of the Total Environment, 438: 144-153.

Tedd, K., Misstear, B., Coxon, C., Daly, D. and Hunter Williams, N. (2012)  Hydrogeological insights from groundwater level hydrographs in southeast Ireland.  Quarterly Journal of Engineering Geology and Hydrogeology, 45: 19-30.

Cunha Pereira, H., Allott, N., Coxon, C., Naughton, O., Johnston, P. and Gill, L. (2011)  Phytoplankton of turloughs (seasonal karstic Irish lakes).  Journal of Plankton Research, 33(3): 385-403.

Coxon, C. (2011)  Agriculture and karst.  In van Beynen, P.E. (ed.) Karst Management, Springer, Dordrecht, 103-138.

Minet, E., Goodhue, R., Coxon, C., Kalin, R. and Meier-Augenstein, W. (2011)  Simplifying and improving the extraction of nitrate from freshwater for stable isotope analyses.  J. Environ. Monit., 13: 2062-2066 (DOI:10.1039/C1EM10289C).

Cunha Pereira, H., Allott, N. andCoxon, C. (2010)  Are seasonal lakes as productive as permanent lakes? A case study from Ireland.  Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences, 67(8): 1291-1302.

Premrov, A., Schulte, R.P.O., Coxon, C.E., Hackett, R. and Richards, K.G. (2010)  Predicting soil moisture conditions for Irish arable free draining soil.  Irish Journal of Agricultural and Food Research. 49(2):  99-113.

Fenton, O., Coxon, C.E., Haria, A.H., Horan, B., Humphreys, J., Johnson, P., Murphy, P., Necpalova, M., Premrov, A. andRichards, K.G. (2009)  Variations in travel time for N loading to groundwaters in four case studies in Ireland: Implications for policy makers and regulators.  Tearmann: Irish journal of agri-environmental research, 7: 129-142.

Kilroy, G., Coxon, C., Daly, D., O’Connor, A., Dunne, F., Johnston, P., Ryan, J., Moe, H. and Craig, M. (2009)  Monitoring the environmental supporting conditions of groundwater dependent terrestrial ecosystems in Ireland.  In Quevauviller, P., Fouillac, A-M., Grath, J. and Ward, R. (eds.) Groundwater Monitoring, Wiley, Chichester, pp. 245-258.

Premrov, A., Coxon, C.E., Hackett, R., Brennan, D., Sills, P. and Richards, K.G. (2009)  Over-winter green cover in a spring barley system:  role in exporting dissolved organic carbon to shallow groundwater and implications for denitrification.  In Grignani, C., Acutis, M., Zavattaro, L., Bechini, L, Bertora, C., Marino Gallina, P. and Sacco, D. (eds.) Proceedings of the 16th Nitrogen Workshop – Connecting Different Scales of Nitrogen use in Agriculture, 28th June – 1st July 2009, Turin, Italy, pp. 11-12.

Premrov, A., Coxon, C.E., Hackett, R. and Richards, K. (2009) Estimating travel-time of nitrate from tillage land to shallow groundwater and towards a river using bromide tracer.In:Bruthans, J., Kovar, K. and Nachtnebel, P. (eds.), HydroEco 2009, Proceedings 2nd International Multidisciplinary Conference on Hydrology and Ecology: Ecosystems Interfacing with Groundwater and Surface Water, 20-23 April 2009, Vienna, Austria, pp. 111-116.

Hooker, K., Coxon, C., Hackett, R., Kirwan, L, O’Keeffe, E. and Richards, K. (2008)  Evaluation of cover crops and reduced cultivation for reducing nitrate leaching in Ireland.  Journal of Environmental Quality, 37, 138-145.

Premrov, A., Coxon, C., Fenton, O., Hackett, R. and Richards, K. (2008)  Hydrogeological investigations to establish an experimental site on minimisation of nitrate leaching losses from tillage land.  In Moles, R. (ed.), Proceedings of the 17th Irish Environmental Researchers’ Colloquium, Environ07, Environmental Sciences Association of Ireland and University of Limerick, 12-15.

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Dr Alison Donnelly

Book Chapters

Donnelly, A. and Moran, E. (2008) History of phenology in Ireland. In: Nekovář, J. (ed) The history and current status of plant phenology in Europe. COST Office.

Finnan, J.M., Donnelly, A., Jones, M.B., Burke, J.I. (2005) The effects of elevated levels of carbon dioxide on potato crops: a review in, editor, Tuba, Zoltan, Ecological responses and adaptations of crops to rising atmospheric carbon dioxide, London, Food Products Press, 2005, pp.91 – 111.


Donnelly, A., Cooney, T., Jennings, E., Buscardo, E. and Jones, M. (2009) Response of birds to climatic variability; evidence from the western fringe of Europe.  International Journal of Biometeorology 53: 211-220.

Donnelly, A., Prendergast, T. and Hanusch, M. (2008) Examining quality of environmental objectives, targets and indicators in environmental reports prepared for strategic environmental assessment. Journal of Environmental Assessment Policy and Management . 10(4)381-401.

Prendergast, T. and Donnelly, A. (2007) Reconciling planning and environmental issues in SEA. Pleanáil 17: 101-116.

Donnelly, A., Jones, M.B., O’Mahony, T. and Byrne, G. (2007) Selecting environmental indicators for use in strategic environmental assessment. Environmental Impact Assessment Review 27: 161-175.

Donnelly, A., Jennings, E., Finnan, J., Mooney, P., Lynn, D., Jones, M., O’Mahony, T., Thérivel, R. and Byrne, G. (2006) Objectives, targets and indicator for use in Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA).  Journal of Environmental Assessment Policy and Management  8: 135-156.

Donnelly, A., Jones, M.B., O’Mahony, T. and Byrne, G. (2006) Decision support framework for establishing objectives, targets and indicators for use in SEA.  Impact Assessment and Project Appraisal 24: 151-157.

Prendergast, T. and Donnelly, A. (2006) How the Planning Process deals with Environmental Issues in SEA –  Environmental Monitoring of the Dublin Docklands Area Master Plan 2003. Insite 5;11-14.

Menzel, A., Sparks, T.H., Estrella, N., Koch, E., Aasa, A., Ahas, R., Alm-Kübler,K., Bissolli, P., Braslavská, O., Briede, A., Chmielewski, F.M., Crepinsek, Z., Curnel, Y., Dahl, Å., Defila, C., Donnelly, A., Filella, Y., Jatczak, K., Måge, F., Mestre, A., Nordli, Ø, Peñuelas, J., Pirinen, P., Remisová, V., Scheifinger, H., Striz, M., Susnik, A., Wielgolaski, F.-E., van Vliet, A., Zach, S., and Zust A. (2006) European phenological response to climate change matches the warming pattern.  Global Change Biology 12:1-8.

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Donnelly, A., Salamin, N. and Jones, M.B. (2006) Changes in tree phenology: an indicator of spring warming in Ireland? Biology and Environment: Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy 106(1): 47-55.

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Donnelly, A., Jones, M.B. and Sweeney, J. (2004) A review of indicators of climate change for use in Ireland. International Journal of Biometeorology 49: 1-12.

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Dr Chloé Galley

Book chapters:

Waters, T., Galley, C., Palmer, R., Turvey, S.T. & Wilkinson N.M. (2004) Population status and conservation biology of Araucaria nemorosa de Laub. In The Araucariaceae (eds. Bieleski, R. & Wilcox, M., 434-446, International Dendrology Society, Auckland.


Galley, C., Linder H.P. & Zimmermann, N. (2009) Species diversity in a Mediterranean region; habitat heterogeneity, climatic stability and range restricted species. Global Ecology and Biogeography, 18, (586-595).

Pirie, M., Humphries, A.M., Galley, C., Barker, N.P., Verboom, G.A., Orlovich, D., Draffin, S.J., Lloyd, K., Baeza, C.M., Negritto, M., Ruiz, E., Sanchez, J.H.C., Reimer, E. & Linder, H.P. (2008) A novel supermatrix approach improves resolution of phylogenetic relationships in a comprehensive sample of danthonioid grasses. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution, 48, (3) 1106-1119.

Galley, C. & Linder, H. P. (2007) The evolution and loss of complex characters: Multicellular glands and phylogeny of the Pentaschistis clade (Danthonioideae, Poaceae). Evolution, 61, 864-884.

Galley, C., Bytebier, B., Bellstedt, D.U. & Linder, H.P. (2007) The Cape element in the Afrotemperate flora: from Cape to Cairo? Proceedings of the Royal Society B, 274, 535-543.

Barker, N.P., Galley, C., Verboom, G.A., Mafa, P., Gilbert, M. & Linder, H.P. (2007) The phylogeny of the austral grass subfamily Danthonioideae; evidence from multiple datasets. Plant Systematics and Evolution, 264, 135-156.

Galley, C. & Linder, H. P. (2006) Geographical affinities of the Cape flora, South Africa. Journal of Biogeography,33, 236-250.

Galley, C. & Linder, H. P. (2006) New species and taxonomic changes in Pentaschistis (Danthonioideae, Poaceae) from the Western Cape Province, South Africa. Bothalia, 36, 157-162.

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Professor Nick Gray


Percival, S., Gray, N.F., Chalmers, R., and Sellwood, J. (2012) Microbiology of Waterborne Diseases. Academic Press, London (In Press)

Gray, N.F. (2008) Drinking Water Quality: Problems and Solutions. (Second Edition) Cambridge University Press, Cambridge. 520pp.

Gray, N.F. (2005)  Water Technology: an introduction for environmental scientists and engineers . Elseiver, Oxford. 610 pp. Also co-published in North America by John Wiley and Sons Inc., New York.

Gray, N.F. (2004) Biology of Wastewater treatment.  (Second Edition)  Imperial College Press, London. 1440 pp.  Also co-published in Asia and North America by World Scientific Press, Singapore. 

Edited Collection:

Gray, N.F. (ed.) (2012) Drinking Water and Health. Published as a special edition of the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 7-8, (2012)

Gray, N.F. (ed.) (2010) Drinking Water and Health. Published as a special edition of the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 7-8, (2010), 1597-4202; 97-469.

Gray, N.F. (ed.)  (2006) Current Environmental Research in Ireland. Published as a special edition of the Journal of Environmental Science and Health: Part A. Toxic/Hazardous Substances and Environmental Engineering, 41, (5) by Taylor and Francis, London.

Book Chapters:

Hughes, T.A. and Gray, N.F. (2010) Effectiveness and sustainability of active and passive systems for the treatment of acid mine drainage and the recovery of metals: A review. In: B.C. Robinson (ed), Mine Drainage and Related Problems, New York, Nova Scientific, pp.1-60.


Hughes, T.A., Gray, N.F. and Guillamon, S. Removal of metals from acid mine drainage using liquid and dried digested sewage sludge and cattle slurry. Mine Water and Environment (in press)

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Dubber, D. and Gray, N.F. (2010) Replacement of chemical oxygen demand (COD) with total organic carbon (TOC) for monitoring wastewater treatment performance to minimize disposal of toxic analytical waste.Journal of Environmental Science and Health: Part A. Toxic/Hazardous Substances and Environmental Engineering, 45, (12), 1595-1600.

Brady, J. and Gray, N.F. (2010) Group water schemes in Ireland: Their role within the Irish water sector. European Water, 29, 39-58.

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Dr. Sarah Kimberley


Kimberley, S., and S. Waldren.  (2005) Variations in the soil nutrient properties of temporary limestone lakes (turloughs) located within two contrasting catchment areas in the west of Ireland.  Proceedings of the 15th Irish Environmental Researchers Colloquium, 57-62.

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Bridget O’Neill


DeLuca, E.H., C.L. Casteel, P.D. Nabity, and B.F. O’Neill. (2008) Insects take a bigger bite out of plants in a warmer, higher carbon dioxide world. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. 105, (6), 1781-1782.

Casteel, C., B.F. O’Neill, J.A. Zavala, D.D. Bilgin, M.R. Berenbaum, and E.H. DeLucia. (2008) Transcriptional profiling reveals elevated CO2 and O3 alters resistance of soybean (Glycine max) to Japanese beetles (Popillia japonica). Plant, Cell, and Environment, 31, 419-434.

O’Neill, B., A.R. Zangerl, E. DeLucia, and M.R. Berenbaum. (2008). Longevity and fecundity of Japanese beetle (Popillia japonica) on foliage grown under elevated carbon dioxide.  Environmental Entomology,. 37, (2),601-607.

Dermody, O., B.F. O’Neill, A.R. Zangerl, M.R. Berenbaum, and E.H. DeLucia. (2008) Elevated CO2 and O3 alter leaf damage and insect abundance in a soybean agroecosystem.  Arthropod-Plant Interactions, 2, 125-135.

Bilgin, D.D., M. Aldea, B.F. O’Neill, M. Benitez, M. Li, S.J. Clough, and E.H. DeLucia. (2008) Elevated ozone alters soybean-virus interaction. Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions, 21, 1297-1308.

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Dr Carlos Rocha

Book Chapters:

Rocha, C. and Woodward, E.M.S. (2011), Marine monitored parameters, matrices and related techniques: Nutrients. Chapter 7, In: Quevauvilliler, Roose, P.; Verreet, G. [Eds.], Chemical Marine Monitoring- Policy Framework and Analytical Trends. John Wiley and Sons, Chichester, UK, pp. 195-221. ISBN: 978-0-470-74765-0


Ibanhez, J., Leote, C. and Rocha, C. (2012) Seasonal enhancement of submarine groundwater discharge (SGD)-derived nitrate loading into the Ria Formosa coastal lagoon assessed by 1-D modeling of benthic NO3 profiles. Estuarine Coastal and Shelf Science, In Press DOI: 10.1016/j.ecss.2012.04.015

Wilson, J. and Rocha, C. (2012) Regional scale assessment of Submarine Groundwater Discharge in Ireland combining medium resolution satellite imagery and geochemical tracing techniques. Remote Sensing of Environment, 119, 21-34

Anibal, J., Esteves, E. and Rocha, C. (2011) Seasonal variations in gross biochemical composition, percent edibility, and condition index of the clam Ruditapes decussatus cultivated in the Ria Formosa (south Portugal). Journal of Shellfish Research, 30, 17-23

Ibanhez, J., Leote, C. and Rocha, C. (2011) Porewater nitrate profiles in sandy sediments hosting submarine groundwater discharge described by an Advection-Dispersion-Reaction (ADR) model. Biogeochemistry, 103, 159-180.

Rocha,C., Ibanhez, J. and Leote, C. (2009) Benthic nitrate biogeochemistry affected by tidal modulation of Submarine Groundwater Discharge (SGD) through a sandy beach face, Ria Formosa, Southwestern Iberia. Marine Chemistry, 115, 43-58

Rocha, C. (2008) Sandy sediments as active bigeochemical reactors: compound cycling on the fast lane. Aquatic Microbial Ecology, 53, 119-127.

Leote, C., Ibanhez, J. and Rocha, C. (2008) Submarine Groundwater Discharge as a nitrogen source to the Ria Formosa studied with seepage meters. Biogeochemistry, 88: 185-194

Leote, C., Ibanhez, S.P. and Rocha, C. (2007) Coastal Groundwater Discharge in the Ria Formosa identified as a major source of Nitrogen to the lagoon’s internal nutrient mass balance, 9 pp. Published in CD-ROM. [Proceedings XXXV IAH (International Association of Hydrogeologists) Congress – Groundwater and Ecosystems, Lisbon, 17-21 September]

Ibanhez, S.P., Leote, C. and Rocha, C. (2007) Biogeochemical mediation of groundwater-borne nitrate seepage into the Ria Formosa coastal lagoon by beach face sandy sediments, 10 pp. Published in CD-ROM. [Proceedings, of the XXXV IAH (International Association of Hydrogeologists) Congress – Groundwater and Ecosystems, Lisbon, 17-21 September]

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