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Groundwater-dependent wetlands

To coincide with World Wetlands Day in February 2013, the Environmental Protection Agency published a report by two researchers based in the Centre for the Environment. The report is entitled Evaluating the influence of groundwater pressures on groundwater-dependent wetlands by Sarah Kimberley and Catherine Coxon  EPA STRIVE Report No.100, Environmental Protection Agency, Dublin (2013), and can be downloaded from the EPA Website:

This research will influence policy in the area of the E.U. Water Framework Directive. Dr. Sarah Kimberley gave a presentation on this topic at a one-day meeting of the Hydrogeological Group of the Geological Society, on Groundwater Dependent Ecosystems, in Birmingham on 27th February.

Examples of groundwater-dependent wetlands below (left a turlough and right a calcareous fen)

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