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Current Postgraduate Research

The following research projects are currently being conducted within the Centre:

Water and wastewater Technology

  • Effects of anoxia on protozoan communities in activated sludge operation.
  • Foaming control in the activated sludge process using metabolic control
  • Water Demand Management: A Strategy for Irish Water Sustainability
  • Treatment of acid mine drainage in admixture with domestic wastewater
  • Effect of wastewater characteristics on activated sludge treatment


  • Controls on sediment P release from temperate intertidal sediments in the Dutch Wadden Sea
  • Nitrogen reduction in marine systems: in-situ study of alternative metabolic pathways linked to Coastal Groundwater Discharge
  • Development of Remote Sensing as a Tool for Detection, Quantification and Evaluation of Submarine Groundwater Discharge (SGD) to Irish Coastal Waters


  • Impacts of climate change on phenology in Ireland: An investigation of spatial and temporal mismatches within the plant-insect-bird system

Freshwater Ecology

  • Dynamics of nutrients and algae in Irish turloughs


  • Sustainable Urban Planning Decision Support Accounting for Urban Metabolism

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