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Main lab, Centre for the Environment, TCD , 150k jpegThe Centre for the Environment operates three laboratories designed for (1) inorganic and bulk organic analysis of environmental substrates, (2) research on biogeochemical cycling in the coastal zone and (3) research on wastewater treatment.

Each has recently been updated with modern equipment including ICP-EM spectrophotometer, CN elemental analyser, Acid lab, centre for the Environment, TCD. 150k jpegTOC-TN analyser, ion chromatograph, 3-channel flow injection analyser, scanning fluorescence spectrophotometer, microwave digester, respirometer, laboratory scale treatment plants in addition to general and other specialist equipment.

Potential users of the laboratory facilities in the Centre should contact Mark Kavanagh (Email) well in advance of any planned analysis.

Research projects using the Centre facilities over the past 12 months include:

  • Effect of temperature on NRA in marine sediments
  • Detecting wastewaters using EEMS
  • Effects of water level fluctuations on lake littoral zones
  • Impact of HM pressures on littoral macro-invertebrates
  • Toxicity of acid mine drainage to duckweed
  • The effect of nitrates on NRA in different species of marine macroalgae
  • Co-treatment of acid mine drainage with domestic wastewater using activated sludge
  • Effects of hydromorphology on the functioning of littoral macro-invertebrates
  • Control of foaming in activated sludge using metabolic control
  • Bioavailability of phosphorus inputs to Lough Leane
  • Effects of anoxia on protozoan communities in activated sludge operations
  • Benthic photosynthesis in inter-tidal mudflats in Dublin Bay
  • Acid deposition in the Dublin region

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