Dublin Laptop Orchestra

The Dublin Laptop Orchestra makes music with lots of laptops, hands, golf controllers, and hemispherical speakers.
laptop orchestra

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Our aim is to bring some theatricality and ‘physical presence’ into electronic music performance. We do this by creating software instruments that require movement and skill from performers and encourage interaction and improvisation. We consist of performers (currently six to eight) on laptops that each have their own hemispherical speaker placed next to them allowing for a direct relation between themselves and the location of their sound. A wireless network is also used for syncing laptops allowing the orchestra to build up intricate rhythms and textures that go beyond anything physical musicians could perform.

Dublin Laptop Orchestra are Alex Dowling (MMT 2011), Jenn Kirby, Rachel Ní Chuinn (MMT 2012), David Collier (MMT 2012), Enda Gallery, Tara Lewis, Emma O'Halloran, Saramai Leech (MMT 2012), Amanda Feery (MMT 2009) and Mark Rooney (MMT 2011).

The Dublin Laptop Orchestra with This is How We Fly

laptop orchestra stage1 laptop orchestra stage2

The Dublin Laptop Orchestra – Photograph by Daryl Feehely

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Tara Lewis and Rachel Ni Chuin, performing in The Dublin Laptop Orchestra – Photograph by Daryl Feehely



Linda Buckley - RTÉ Lyric FM's Composer-in-Residence 2011/12


Linda Buckley

Linda Buckley (MMT 2002 and lecturer in MMT) is RTÉ Lyric FM's Composer-in-Residence 2011/12 in association with the RTE National Symphony Orchestra. The Head of the Station, Aodán Ó Dubhghaill, has described her appointment as "an exciting initiative in the creation of new music for lyric. Linda's compositional talent doesn't so much span as ignore in a very informed way the boundaries between the live acoustic sound of an orchestra and electronics."

Linda's Official Website


About Linda

Linda Buckley is a composer from the Old Head of Kinsale, currently based in Dublin. Her music has been described as "strange and beautiful" (Boston Globe, July 2004), a "fascinating interaction between live sound and electronics" (Irish Times, Nov 2006), with “an exciting body of work that marks her out as a leading figure in the younger generation of Irish composers working in the medium” (Journal of Music, Sept 2008).

Her work has been performed by the Dresden Sinfoniker Orchestra, Crash Ensemble, Fidelio Trio, Orkest de Ereprijs, Janus Trio, Rothko Trio, University of York Javanese Gamelan, and featured at international festivals including the Bang on a Can Summer Institute of Music at MassMoCA, Gaudeamus Music Week Amsterdam and Seoul International Computer Music Festival.

Linda is a member of the Spatial Music Collective, dedicated to the creation and presentation of spatial acoustic and electroacoustic music.

She studied Music at University College Cork, and Music and Media Technologies at Trinity College Dublin. She holds a Ph.D in Composition from Trinity College, where she also lectures.

Relevant links to Linda and her work

Interview on the John Schaefer Show (New York Radio) 2015

Journal of Music Article

Interview with Linda

CMC composer of the month June 2007



Linda Buckley live

Linda Buckley performance with Enda Bates at Kaleidoscope, 2010

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Spatial Music Collective


Spatial Music


Spatial Music Collective Official Website

Active group of composers interested in composition for spatialisation.

The Spatial Music Collective is a group of like-minded Dublin-based composers working in the field of spatial contemporary music. Since 2006 they have presented numerous performances of new musical works with a dynamic and novel spatial component, incorporating both electronic and acoustic forces. The collective seeks to foster an awareness of contemporary and experimental music through the creation of new work, developing themed concerts in collaboration with ensembles, and through the programming of works by established international figures. It further promotes awareness of the medium through free public workshops on the aesthetics and practice of spatial music.

Spatial Music Collective Photo

Dublin Guitar Quartet in collaboration with the Spatial Music Collective at Smock Alley Theatre Dublin

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SoundSet Ensemble



The SoundSet Ensemble was set up in 2010 by Laura Kilty (MMT graduate ) and Emma O'Halloran. The ensemble has two facets: SoundSet Strings, run by Emma and SoundSet Singers, led by Laura. Since their inception, they have performed repertoire from a huge range of genres and have created partnerships with many emerging Irish composers.

The six-force female vocal group, SoundSet Singers, have been together in their current guise for a year. In that time, they have done performances, vocal workshops, improvisations and are now starting to collaborate with visual artists and musicians.


The group is currently working on repertoire for an upcoming performance in the ATRL. This will feature works by each member of the ensemble and two very exciting multimedia collaborations. The first is a piece the girls are writing with visual artist Mark Linnane (MMT lecturer). It will be an interactive performance where the visuals will respond to the voices. They second is a piece they are writing with electronic duo Lakker (Dara Smith and MMT graduate Ian McDonnell). Again, this will feature visuals and the duo will be electronically manipulating the voices live.

Future plans for SoundSet Singers includes more workshops, more performances, more mixed media collaborations and also a collaboration with a dance company based in New York! Please check our Facebook page for updates.  Several MMT graduates are members of SoundSet.  Eileen Carpio (MMT), Fionnuala Conway (MMT 1999), Sharon Phelan (MMT), Rachel O’Dwyer (MMT)

Soundset Soundset

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Irish Composer’s Collective


Irish Composers Collective

The Irish Composers’ Collective (formerly the Young Composers’ Collective) was founded in 2003 and is a non-profit organisation dedicated to providing Irish composers with a community for information, education and the pooling of resources in order to create concerts of their music with professional musicians.

In particular, the Irish Composers’ Collective strives to further the professional development of their members at an early stage in their careers and it has over 40 members from backgrounds as diverse as jazz, electronica and traditional music.

Irish Composers Collective Official Website

Several MMT graduates are members of the Irish Composer’s Collective.  Anna Murray (MMT) is a member and is also their press/marketing person. Other MMT graduate members are Bryan Dunphy (MMT), Ben McHugh (MMT), Amanda Feery (MMT), Marc Balbirnie (MMT), Fransi Heery (MMT), Dylan Rynhart (MMT), Natasa Paterson (MMT), Rachel Ni Chuinn (MMT).

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Judith Ring


Judith Ring

Judith Ring (MMT) is a composer and musician based in Dublin.  Judith has been writing music for the past 14 years and have been greatly inspired by living in such places as Berlin, London, York, Paris and Dublin. In general her music stems from the electro-acoustic world and its core technique is based on the pratices of musique concrète. Over the years this has expanded and been influenced by more improvised and instrumental territories derived from a deep exploration of instrumental timbre through collaborative projects with a large number of solo musicians.

Judith's Official Website

Her work is deeply textural and developed through complex layering techniques. For the most part each piece is highly collaborative as she works closely with musicians to find out what their instruments can do. Over the years she has recorded a wide range of instruments from the standard orchestral choices to the Ondes Martenot and adapted viola. Each player offers something new to the mix and so each piece is unique to the player(s) involved.


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Amanda Feery


Amanda Feery

Amanda is a composer who is working towards a PhD in Composition at Princeton University. US.  She is working at the moment on pieces for clarinettist, Paul Roe and vocal group, Soundset and a large vocal work for 8 voices.

Amanda's Official Website

Listen to Bend All Your Notes For Me- for chamber ensemble. Amanda has also provided the score on this page, so you can read and listen at the same time.

Listen to Squarepushers for vocal quartet premiered by Quince Contemporary Vocal Ensemble at uptown underground, NYC, 2012

Amanda has also written music for short films as well as creating her own visuals and music in her visual music works.  See a list of her visual works on her website or by clicking on the image below.

Amanda Feery Live

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The Empty Labs – Soundcloud Group

Listen to music compositions of current and past MMT students.


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