Installations / Interactive / Multimedia

Sinead Meaney – Submerge


Sinéad exhibited her audio-visual installation at the 2011 mmt Graduate show. Hope to have a video link for this installation soon.

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Sinead Meaney and Alex Dowling –Bodysnatcher (2010)


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As part of the BIORHYTHM: MUSIC & THE BODY exhibition in the Science Gallery, 2010. Sinead Meaney and Alex Downling two mmt graduates installed their collaborative installation – Bodysnatcher. Visuals by Sinéad Meaney and Music by Alex Dowling. This installation also was exhibited at the Eyebeam Gallery in New York during the World Science Festival 2011 and at Oxygen and Electric Picnic



Jonathan Nangle – Trip the Light Fantastic


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Trip the Light Fantastic is a solar activated, generative sound installation. Solar panels on each of the 'bells' gather light which is then converted to energy and stored. Once a certain threshold point has been reached this energy is all released driving a motor which causes the hammer to strike the bell. The piece relies entirely on the natural ambient light to create an ever shifting soundscape. Trip the Light Fantastic was commissioned by the Contemporary Music Centre for Culture Night 2011.



Shane McKenna – Fluxus Clock


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Shane McKenna’s interactive audio-visual installation Fluxus Clock is an interactive performance piece. The performance takes place by providing visitors with colour coded cards with short performance instructions that they are to carry out when the clock animation lands on their colour. It is a very fun interactive piece where with “some imagination the clock will help to arrange short performance pieces for all. The clock appears around every 5 minutes for less than a minute. Ideal for creating some randomness at a fun social event.”



Shane McKenna – Dabbledomusic


Dabbledo Music Instruments

DabbledooMusic is a music education project in collaboration with visual artist Killian Redmond. The aim is to create a multimedia creative music resource for kids, roughly between the ages of 6 and 12. the project combines graphic notation, animated notation, composition and performance through activity books and free online resources

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The project also include lesson plans for teachers to make it as accessible as possible for use in the classroom. Dabbledoomusic is based on the belief that creativity and collaboration need to be central in in modern education and that music as a subject, provides opportunities to promote these ideas in very practical ways.

Our first activity book for children will be released before christmas along with an updated version of the Dabbledoomusic website. We hope that 2013 will see teachers, parents and most importantly the children, using these resources to create, collaborate and enjoy music making.

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