Upon graduation, MMT students have found employment in a wide range of domains. This is entirely understandable given the scope of the programme and the diversity of the students backgrounds. The diagram below attempts to give some appreciation of the various activities where graduates have found themselves.

The Internet based industries have been a significant market sector for graduates, though this has slowed in the more recent past. However, it is expected that there will be a more realistic growth of these same industries in forthcoming years and that employment opportunities in this sector will again start to increase.

Teaching and lecturing have been growth employment areas for MMT graduates over the last number of years given that there has been a significant emphasis placed on the establishment of music technology and New Media related courses at second and third levels.

Software development and IT have also provided opportunities for graduates, with audio engineering and Radio/TV production also being relevant employment sectors. As the diagram shows, quite a number of graduates are registered as Professional Musicians/Composers. In many cases these individuals are working independently and are now contributing to more technologically-based productions on a project basis. Thus, many of these are actively, professionally engaged in what has been referred to as New Media sectors.

Significantly, an analysis of graduates’ employment shows that many who have entered the MMT programme from non-technical (e.g. Arts) backgrounds have now found employment in technology related fields.

Listed below are some of the areas graduates from the course have/are working in:

  • The Music Industry
  • Web Development
  • Sound Engineering
  • Computer Programming
  • Music Technology Teachers/Lecturers (3rd Level)
  • Music Teachers/Lecturer (2nd and 3rd Level)
  • Hardware Engineers
  • Radio Producers/Presenters
  • TV Production
  • Software Development for Audio Products

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